Culture and Historical Heritage | Културно и историческо наследство

According to some archaeologists and historians, in the 4th to 3rd centuries BC in the place of present Malko Turnovo or near Malko Turnovo existed an ancient mining settlement.  This settlement, which existed during the Roman era, grew into a settlement with urban character. 

Later, for an unknown reason the historical development of the area stopped and began again at the beginning in the 17th century, 1628, as Trunovjik. 

The elders gathered to find a new place to settle.  Since they did not agree, they decided to ask a village shepherd because he knew the surrounding area best. 
The shepherd told them, “I think that the nicest place for settling is in the place Trunut where there are springs and a lot of water.”  Because they liked the sound of this the elders decided to settle in this place. 

nIn the beginning they considered this place as a holy one and lighted candles to St. Varvara on hammered iron crosses into the rock.  In the drought years the clergy from the city prayed for rain at the same place.  Before the covering of the spring, which happened in 1862, it was a holy or healing spring and in the older Thracian times it was a pagan sanctuary for the gods Apollo and Dionysus.

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